clientele experience

– by industry sector

Financial Sector  

  • Citibank 
  • J.P. Morgan & Chase (Bank One) 
  • Merrill Lynch- Bank of America,
  • Freddie Mac
  • World Bank 
  • Omgeo LLC 
  • Capital One Bank 
  • ADVISORport – PNC Bank
  • Legg Mason 


GSI Commerce now eBay

Vista Print



Media – Digital Print, & Cable Network

  • Cablevision
  • Readers Digest

Healthcare & Insurance

Capital BLUE Cross

Also having large experience in Internationalization & Localization (I18N & L10N).



































Prathibha has extensive experience in the Financial Sector, having worked for very large Fortune 50 top clients in the financial industry as seen above, she has had the opportunity to work in almost all verticals within this financial industry. 

(Card Services, Mortgage Banking, Investment Banking – (High Net worth – Private WM), Money Management, Mortgage, Assets under Management, Treasury Services (Payments & Transfers) Wealth Management, Prime Brokerage, Trading, Post Trade Settlements, Risk & Compliance, Account Aggregation) 

Health Care – Insurance

Prathibha understands your business needs, as she has a deep healthcare knowledge, and the right skills to build value to both the industries. Bringing together members to provide, ACO Solution, Clinical Solution, Analytics IT and Business and consulting, under one platform, was an excelent opportunity I gained while designing the MVEP platform. A product the caters to asses, Care Performance, Care Quality, Care Risk and Care Economics within health care.

Prathibha gained indept knowledge in Healthcare and Insurance sector while at Capital Blue Cross –  what makes the best plans to be on the top for an Insurance company to stand out and be the best in the market. Its all about “The Options,”  “The Plans,” and the “Coverage.”

Print, Telecom & Media

In a nutshell Prathibha has had the privilege to work for a spectrum of all the three types of media:

PRINT:- Working for Readers Digest has made her get exposed to not just Print and Communications and Publishing, but also E-commerce and the cooking and food sites which all come under one umbrella of RD websites. 

TELECOM:- Learning what goes behind in having a cellphone connection and being mobile is something phenomenal. While at T-moblie she understood the business behind telecommunication and networking, the entire depth and breadth of erecting a tower, that helps the bar rise on our cell phones.

MEDIA:- One of the fasted growing sectors in the media is a wireless mobile – Optimums FREEWHEEL  helps pay no heavy phone bills. Whats extended networking & STATIC-NAT used by SMB owners. Understanding the internet world of providing a private IP address and knowing how it is mapped to a public IP address. Cable network, its fun knowing the technology, whats the connection – Phone, TV, and your Internet?