Who I am 

Principal leader User Experience design Manager

Prathibha has more than 18+ years of extensive experience in the field of User Experience Design and Architecture, she has been leading and delivering projects within this domain and has thoroughly mastered the knowledge of UX disciplines. She follows end to end user centric design principles, from Evaluation to Delivery, and has worked in various environments methodologies from Water fall, RUP to Agile and now Lean UX as well.
Her expertise is in designing and re-engineering Products and Solutions for Desktop, Web & Rich Internet apps/portals. Her vast industry experience makes her a pro in designing the traditional way vs providing responsive and adaptive solutions in for Mobile rich apps, and Transactional websites catering to all screen devices like Smart phones (iOS/Android) & Tablets. More…

Her proficiency in tools helps her work and design with ease:

Adobe Creative Suit & Cloud | Proto IO | Sketch | Axure | iRise |OmniGraffl | Balsamic | Visio | Corel 




Prathibha Daine

Mentored by her manager who identified her core strength:Analytical with an eye for perfection  guided her into the the field of User Experience Design & Information Architecture.




analytical with an eye for perfection

Prathibha has always had an eye for perfection, She follows a methodical approach towards any task on hand. This helps me deliver error free designs at the first cut. She always believed and pursued the saying in Hindu mythology whats said as When you are aiming at something, all that you should see is the target in front, and nothing around  With that in mind, she has always designed with an aim to achieve and deliver designs that meet all business requirements tailored to custom suite all user needs to provide them with 100% satisfaction in their experience while using the medium.  So no matter what, she strives to maintain satisfaction at both ends – the business, and the users, but keeping in mind that the target is always the audience.

 WHAT i do 

Designing with precision

 user Interface design

User Experience Design is not just about turning requirements into pages containing the data elements. But what I call User Experience Design is:
“A Faculty of approaching requirements in terms of building designs and solutions to not just that deliver business goals but to meet user needs which drive great customer interaction while using the man machine interface.” More…

 information architecture

Prathibha feels, akin to a strong spine in an human body, a well designed information architecture is to a robust website. No user experience is complete without having a proper taxonomy and a well defined information architecture. She follows methodologies like card sorting and labeling to arrive at the sites/applications/products nomenclature. And ensure that the navigation and flow are intuitive and cohesive. More…


research, analysis and usability studies 

 The ultimate experience in bringing concepts to life, that offer an unparalleled experience for any user, in terms of design, legibility, readability, and retention with a seamless flow, is impossible without including Research, Analysis and Usability Studies into the process. No matter what the size of the project, a quick analysis and research is always the best bet I take prior to diving into design phase.  More…


how i do

the magic of designing for uniqueness


Having worked as an Principal Leader UX Architect for over 18+ years, she has designed and re-engineering responsive and adaptive design solutions for products and applications on web and desktop. This gives her a rich industry experience and has gained immense expertise in the related line, in lieu of which she has customized a UX design process that she uniquely tailors to meet clients needs on an individual basis.


My process

3 – Step Process

Prathibha has come up with a unique process – what she calls – 
“The 3 step process,” similar to the “3 -click approach in usability.”
This helps her use the below steps with options to customize based on the complexity, size and budgetary needs, time-frame, and or other constrains of the project.

Step 1) Discover & Evaluate
Step 2) Strategize & Design
Step 3) Deliver & Support



my approach

the new approach to newer designs concepts

Prathibha on a project basis, customizes the above 3 steps process further by detailing each step to fit into a complete UXD process. . She tailors the steps in the UXD process to fit the needs of the clients based on the complexity, size and budgetary needs, time-frame, and or other constrains of each  individual project. This process fits in very well for either an Agile UX or Lean UX methodologies.


My technique

I tailor fit design processes to meet the clients needs
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • User Surveys & Polls
  • Focus Groups
  • User- Contextual Inquires
  • Personas
  • Competitive Best Practice Analysis


clientele experience by industry sector

  • Financial Sector (Card Services, Mortgage Banking, Investment Banking (High Net worth Private WM), Money Management, Mortgage, Assets under Management, Treasury Services (Payments & Transfers) Wealth Management, Prime Brokerage, Trading, Post Trade Settlements, Risk & Compliance, Account Aggregation)
  • E-commerce
  • Telecommunication
  • Media Digital Print, & Cable Network
  • Healthcare & Insurance






Citi Group

(CGS) Control Group Systems – Worked on redesigning the CGS application, the project is within the Compliance division of CitiGroup. CGS is similar to a case management system where Bankers enter transactions between clients globally, which go through approval process and review and analysis of the Deals for insider trading within the company.  

CableVision – Altice

(CPC) Customer Preferred Communications, Static NAT, and Optimum.net My Services Worked on multiple projects within Cablevision. Cablevision offers digital cable TV, high speed Internet & home phone services.


what my peers say


ebay/ gsi commerce


Michael botos

Prathibha has an exceptional attention to detail and the ability to understand new systems quickly. During my recent project with Prathibha, several of the team members expressed very positive comments about the quality of Prathibhas work and her ability to come up to speed quickly on the project.

Michael botos


Stephen Fischer

Prathibha was an Information Architect who could respond very quickly to an ever-changing list of requirements for screen development on an engineering system for T-Mobile. I was impressed with how she could take a long list of changes and prioritize them in an attentive manner. In addition, her consistency of the screen design was crucial in convincing the end users of the feasibility of the environment. On a personal level, Prathibha is a cheerfully prompt person, and provides honest, up-front recommendations. She was a good team member to have in some of the most high-pressure situations.

Freddie mac

roger belveal

An eye for quality with the technical means and process savvy to achieve it; Prathibha was a trusted member of our team of user experience consultants, supporting cross-functional project teams to define businesses requirements and develop designs that further business goals. Prathibha was able to identify key ingredients for success in a complex business systems environment and within challenging technical and schedule constraints.

J.P.Morgan Chase

Durga Kothapalli

Prathibha helped us in the analysis of Broker dealer application for usability issues. She is very knowledgeable of issues surrounding usability and the man-machine interface. Prathibha received complements on her detailed analysis from internal and external clients while working with me.

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